Thursday 30th May 2019
Scotlands Beef Event

Clydesdale Bank celebrates Scotland’s beef industry excellence

11th May 2015

Clydesdale Bank has been announced as the main sponsors of Scotland’s Beef Event 2015.

David Hannon, head of agribusiness at Clydesdale Bank, said the Bank is looking forward to working with the industry to stage such an important farming and business occasion.  

David Hannon said: “This event highlights the very best that Scotland offers, and goes to the heart of the country’s reputation for excellence, both at home and abroad. 

“Working with beef producers has been fundamental to our partnership with the industry and the wider rural community since the earliest days of Clydesdale Bank. Throughout our history of supporting beef production in Scotland, the sector has been a cornerstone feature of Scottish farming and continues to be a vibrant driving force for the industry today.

“I’m immensely impressed by the forward-looking strength and vision of Scotland’s beef production industry and the high-level farming and business skills I encounter every day in my work with Clydesdale Bank. It’s a privilege to be able to support such passionate and committed farmers and farming businesses throughout the year and to be involved in helping Scotland's Beef Event 2015 fulfil its role as a focal point and showcase for the whole industry.”

With the industry already working to satisfy a solid domestic demand for beef, the opening of potential new markets in the Far East and the USA, coupled with a strengthening of its commitment to new levels of production efficiency, Mr Hannon said that he believed it was impossible to over-state the business importance of Scotland’s Beef Event 2015.

He said: “We have an absolutely top level host farm in Peter Alexander’s Mains of Mause enterprise, to study and explore, supported by a network of representative bodies, businesses and individuals who share a vision and passion for the future of Scotland’s beef industry.

“This coming together of knowledge, experience and commitment will make May 27 a day of real opportunity for all who are ready and eager to turn the next page in Scotland’s beef industry development.

"Clydesdale Bank is also passionate about this industry as our main sponsorship of Scotland’s Beef Event 2015 indicates.  We believe in Scottish agriculture, its products, people and prospects, and look forward to working with the industry on May 27 and on the many fresh ideas and initiatives that will inevitably flow from this important occasion."