Our Mission

The Scottish Beef Association is a vibrant membership organisation that lobbies parliament and other appropriate bodies on behalf of Scottish Beef producers.  Our current focus is on ensuring that we get as good a deal as possible from the Brexit trade negotiations with the EU and the rest of the world, and much energy is directed to the many levels on which these negotiations are staged.  We are engaging with trade ministers to avoid the dangers of beef produced with lower food, welfare and environmental standards finding its way onto British supermarket shelves without proper import checks or country of origin labelling. We are single minded in our approach that supports ensuring we solidly supply GB with our product in the first instance.  Recent COVID-19 restrictions have highlighted how important home produced supply is, and it is our job to keep this at the forefront of political agendas going forward.  We are committed to driving the agenda on better labelling of product in the retail environment.  Clear labelling means nothing short of stating the country of origin on every pack to give consumers choice.  

We are currently lobbying on topics including, but not exclusively:  

  • Trade 
  • Share of retail market 
  • Labelling 
  • Tagging and national database
  • Health status
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Economic sustainability 
  • Industry promotion
  • Technology 

We hold a biannual event – Scotland’s Beef Event -  to showcase our industry to both producers and the public and encourage school children and students to come along and learn about our industry and our product. The event is the Scottish Industry’s opportunity to share knowledge through industry relevant seminars and discussion forums, showcase new technologies and see how our fellow farmers are making their contribution to our industry.