Thursday 30th May 2019
Scotlands Beef Event


Title Description Venue
Farmer Focus

Robbie Milne and Gavin Hill (SAC) will discuss breeding policies at North Bethelnie.


Top Shed
Sensor Technology - Beef Monitor System

Ritchie Implements Ltd have developed a weighing system which is integrated with the water trough. Identities are automatically read with the electronic reader and the weight recorded. There is an option for a camera to take an image of the carcase, and a solar powered module for sites without electricity. The whole system can be used to more accurately identify animals ready for slaughter.

Top Shed
Sensor Technology - Bolus and Collars

Agri-Epi will demonstrate the benefits of using boluses and collars to capture data used for early identification and diagnosis.

Top Shed
Sensor Technology - Calving Aid

Moocall will demonstrate how their device works and the advantages for the industry.

Top Shed
Benefits of Measuring Pelvic Size in Bulling Heifer Selection

Graham Fowlie (Meadows Vet Group) will discuss the benefits of measuring pelvic size when selecting breeding heifers at North Bethelnie.

Bottom Shed
Grassland Management

A variety of sward management technology and machinery will be on working display.

Field 18
Alternative Bedding Materials

Two types of bedding material widely used as alternatives to straw will be available to view.

Bottom Shed
Foot Triming

Hoofcare Scotland will demonstrate the advantages of regular hoof trimming.

9.45am / 11 am
12pm / 1.30pm

Bottom Shed
Hydrogen Power for the Agricultural Industry

WaterFuel Engineering will have a tractor powered by Hydrogen fuel available.

Top Yard
New Developments in Fencing Techniques

Alistair Smart will demonstrate new types of fencing materials and techniques.

Field 18
Drone Technology for the Livestock Industry

Perfect Pastures will demonstrate how drones can be used in the livestock industry to maximum effect.

Field 18