Thursday 30th May 2019
Scotlands Beef Event

Trade Stands - Information and Conditions

Thursday 30th May, 2019

  1. Stand charges are listed on the application form. Please indicate clearly the size of stand required.
  2. Stand Positions will be allocated on strictly a first come basis. If the position you have indicated you would like is not available the organisers will endeavour to offer you an alternative position. The Organisers retain the right to adapt the hall layout and to allocate stand space to accommodate the requirement of exhibitors, demonstrations etc.
  3. The closing date for stand applications is 28th February, 2019
  4. Each company shall exhibit only or mainly materials and products of relevance to agriculture and related industries.
  5. No exhibitors shall be permitted to arrange their stand or to place their sign in such a manner as to obstruct the light or to inconvenience or disadvantageously affect the display of any other exhibitor. No form of intrusion into neighbouring sites will be permitted.
  6. Electricity can only be provided for inside stands and as indicated on the services part of the application form.
  7. Outdoor space is available on tarmac and grass. Exhibitors with marquees must provide the organiser with a fire resistant certificate which forms part of their risk assessment form. No marquee pins should be used on the tarmac. Exhibitors will furnish their stand with a fire extinguisher.
  8. Each exhibitor shall be responsible for the removal of refuse from their stand and outside stands shall completely restore the ground on removal.
  9. Allocation of tickets for entry are as follows: Indoor Space: up to 15m2, 2 x admission and 1 vehicle pass, 16m2 to 30m2: 4 x admission and 2 vehicle passes, above 31m2: 5 x admission and 3 vehicle passes.  Outdoor space: up to 10m frontage: 2 admission and 2 vehicle passes, 11m to 15m frontage: 3 admission and 3 vehicle passes, 16m to 22m frontage: 4 admission and 3 vehicle passes, over 23m frontage: 5 admission and 3 vehicle passes.  All vehicle passes must be displayed to gain entry to the event site.  All Delivery vehicles must exit the event site by 9am.
  10. Pre-event access to the site will be from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on 27th and 28th May, 2019 and 9:00am to 7:00pm on 29th May 2019  No vehicles will be allowed into the event site on Thursday 30th May, during the event opening hours, unless a pass has been issued and can be displayed.
  11. Staffing of stands must be at all times between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm on Thursday 30th May, 2019.
  12. No person other than an exhibitor who has applied for and been allocated space will be allowed to sell or display articles of any description on the site. Sub-letting of stands is not permitted.
  13. The sole catering and bar rights have been granted.  Thus, exhibitors are allowed provide their own catering on their stands, provided that no beverages or food is sold or offered for sale.
  14. Each Trade Stand holder is responsible for clearing and cleaning up of the site occupied by themselves. Refuse bins will be provided for rubbish.
  15. All tents and marquees must comply with the British standard.
  16. The organisers will not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss however caused, which may occur to any exhibitor or to his animals, articles or property brought onto the site. The organisers will not be responsible for any actions or expenses on account of or in respect of any such damage or injury caused. All exhibitors must have Full Third Party Liability insurance and, if requested, will supply proof of current policy to the organisers. All exhibitors indemnify the organisers from any claims made in connection with the exhibitor’s staff, equipment, display, animals or vehicles.
  17. If for any reason whatsoever Scotland’s Beef Event 2019 has to be cancelled, 80% of your stand fee will be returned.
  18. The decision of the Organising Committee about the interpretation of these conditions will be final.

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