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Republic reminder
14th April 2014
SBA members keen to be involved in this summer's study tour to the Republic of Ireland are being encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. The main purpose of the association's trip, which will run from July 2 to 5, will be to find out first­hand h...
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The battle continues
8th April 2014
The Scottish Beef Association insist they will continue to battle for a better deal following last week's revelation that Scottish farmers are to be denied greater coupling options. On Wednesday Richard Lochhead confirmed Scotland will not have the ...
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SBA CAP consultation response
4th April 2014
The attached file shows our response to the CAP consultation.
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Republic of Ireland study tour
2nd April 2014
The SBA is planning a study tour to the Republic of Ireland from 2 to 5 July this year. The main purpose of the study tour will be to find out first-hand how the Irish plan to deal with CAP reform.  Exact details of the tour are still to be finalise...
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Beef producers urged to respond
28th February 2014
THE Scottish Beef Association has put forward its case for Tunnel Convergence in a bid to soften the blow for CAP reform's biggest losers. And they have called on individual beef producers to let the Cabinet Secretary know just how crucial it could ...
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SBA welcomes Brussels concessions
23rd February 2014
The Scottish Beef Association has praised Richard Lochhead on his success in persuading the EU commissioner to allow Scotland access to a larger pot for Coupled Payments. Lochhead has also secured the use of Stocking Rates as a measure of minimum ac...
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