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Coupled support vision gets backing
15th February 2014
The Scottish Beef Association were last week represented at a livestock stakeholders meeting with Richard Lochhead which saw almost universal agreement on our version of coupled support. The Cabinet Secretary reacted positively to the idea of a Pill...
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Active farmers must come first
13th February 2014
THE Scottish Beef Association insist Holyrood's CAP reform measures must prioritise those already in the industry. Otherwise they fear a mass destocking could take place if there is no reduction in losses brought about by the reform's proposals. Thi...
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Open letter to the Cabinet Secretary
6th February 2014
Dear Richard AN OPEN LETTER SENT ON BEHALF OF IAAS, NSA, NFU SCOTLAND, SFMTA, SAMW, SBA AND SDCA Scotland’s livestock organisations met with representatives of Scotland’s Milk producers, the Auctioneers (IAAS), the red meat processors (SAMW), and ...
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SBA join CAP talks
4th February 2014
THE Scottish Beef Association last week met with other farming stakeholder groups in a bid to find common ground on the ongoing CAP reform. SBA representatives gathered alongside counterparts from the Scottish NFU, NSA and the SAMW as well as auctio...
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CAP battle continues
29th January 2014
THE Scottish Beef Association has launched an online survey to gauge the opinion of its members on CAP reform. Many have already filled in the brief questionnaire detailing how they will be affected but the association has called on anyone still to ...
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SBA CAP reform survey
21st January 2014
Dear member The Scottish Beef Association is extremely concerned about the proposed new CAP payments for beef producers in Scotland. Many of you will be at least 50 per cent down on previous years. We intend to approach the Cabinet Secretary in the ...
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